Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tales of a 4th grade nothing.

Well, I'm not in 4th grade, and I am certainly am NOT nothing. I am however a new grad student. It's interesting being back in school after 12 years.

I'm a 12 year corporate dweller and senior first line manager. My job is to lead. I teach leadership and rate my employees on their leadership prowess. In the world of academia, I am not "the more knowledgeable other," so therefore not in charge. It's very strange for me to have to defer to someone who, while further along than me in their field, possesses none of the leadership, presence or professionalism that I would expect the "leader" to possess. For example, I finished a summer class almost 2 months ago...and we've still not received our grades (A peer of hers graded our papers and turned in grades in just over a week). When asked, the professor has more excuses than I have unnecessary purchases on my credit card.

Online classes are also a new and fun challenges. Um...for anyone who thinks that online classes are easy...FAIL. I have more work in this class than any other. And...instructions for projects can be vague and when the teacher takes a few days to respond...well, let's just say, I get frustrated.

Overall, I'm loving the experience, and really enjoying meeting people interested in the same area of study.

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